Mountain Kids Pediatrics is a family-centered, traditional pediatric clinic based in Missoula, Montana. We care for young people – from newborns up to college students – by providing routine wellness exams, acute care, vaccines, and much more.

Our purpose goes far beyond just this, though. Mountain Kids strives to equip all of our young people with the physical, mental and emotional health to conquer life’s greatest challenges – what we call “mountains.” We are inspired by life in Missoula, and we believe that by challenging ourselves in the mountains around us, we are training our bodies and minds to succeed in the other mountains we will face.

Whether it is a competitive opponent on the field, a daunting test at school, a difficult social situation or the loss of a family member, life will certainly be full of steep, rugged mountains. We hope to help you raise tough Mountain Kids who are empowered to confidently tackle every challenge and, ultimately, create positive change throughout the world.